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  • 8 years ago

Value of 10 lives... rs.200

Reported on March 10, 2012 from Rishikesh , Uttarakhand  ι Report #2528

I have been to Valley of Flowers Trek (Uttarakhand) in 2011 August. While the return journey we were stranded at Joshimutt due to landslides. As I have to catch the flight at delhi and report to office in Hyderabad immediately... I dared to leave my batch and took my own way. After passing the land-slide area on foot, and I could catch a lorry which was going to a town in ********** Pradesh. It was almost 10 in the night. Infact, in that route (badrinath-srinagar-rishikesh) heavy goods vehicles are not be allowed in the nights. It is very risky road, in which one side mountains and other side ********** valley (**********/tributaries river flows all the way.) Even a small mistake can take the lives of whole people in the vehicle. There are 3 to 4 chesk posts on the way. The duty of the staff is to stop the vehicles in the nights. But, at every check post, the lorry driver got down and kept Rs.50 in the constables hand. That was the cost of the permit to move forward. The same thing happend at every check post. Despite of my urgency to reach Delhi, I was astonished to see this. The cabin of the lorry was packed with almost 10 people including me. What would be the fate of ourlives, if any untoward incident happend? The cost of the permit is Rs.200. The cost of any accident could be 10 lives. Whom to blame? The lorry driver? Constables at the check posts? or... Passengers in the lorry *******

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