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  • 2 years ago

MIDC corrupt officer

Reported on October 11, 2018 from Ratnagiri , Maharashtra  ι Report #190674

I paid Bribe to officer Prakash Patil. He was posted in MIDC Ratnagiri Office.
I have been requesting him to approve my documents but all got was "saheb" not in office or "saheb" is on round. Untill one day - one of his office assistance came forward with an "idea" to end my ordeal I.e. Bribe.

Next day of the money changed hands(with his nephew) - "saheb" was available for hand shake and ready to sign the documents.

I have inquired that this officer of Maharashtra Govt is suspended from his job pending departmental inquiry of fradulent activities. I have also found out the he is swindling money using crypto currency via her sister-in-law Vaishali Patil (who lives in Pune).
The officer has a history of corruption charges and is have paid handsome money to make the departmental inquiry go away.the corrupt officer is now using crypto currency mechanism to swindle money without any trace and also to take bribe.

The current contact details of this corrupt person is 07972861027 but I am sure he is using this cell number on somebody else's name to avoid tracking.

I am sure if his conduct and history is checked by honest officers - CVC will find lot of dirt and credible corroborating evidences.

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