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  • 5 months ago

Malleshwaram traffic police held my vehicle for ransom even for parking in parking zone

Reported on February 1, 2020 from Bangalore , Karnataka  ι Report #219906

Malleshwaram traffic police held my vehicle for ransom even for parking even within parking zone parked in front of shree sagar hotel (near malleshwaram ground) Feb 1st 2020 around 7pm!. It's been BAU for malleshwaram traffic police looting innocent bikers through their paltu gundas, even senior citizens not spared .
They asked me to pay amount of 1650 even when bike was parked within parking zone!! , they had lifted my bike in towing vehicle (KA19C6080) and they had dumped around 40 to 50 vehicles in no time near the malleshwaram underpass . When I questioned the police officer (whose badge wasn't visible)who didn't talked to me properly and insisted to pay 1650 to those Gundas and get the vehicle. After some time I demanded the officer to issue the bill he pretended like putting a bill and intentionally slipped the instrument to ground and told me why you want to pay the fine . Just go to those gunda guys pay 650 and go and he left the place in no time. I was waiting to challenge him to pay amount in court but as I was with my family and kid and had to ride all the way home for 20kms at night ,so had to inevitably pay up to this Traffic Gunda police Mafia and to get back my vehicle for a ransom. This is an absolute organized loot where police and local goondas are involved and they pocket at least around 60k to 80k every weekend ( not sure how much in weekdays). And they do not put any bill , more over in my case where parking violation didn't happen at all, they looted me 650 rupees.
I am not sure if really any honest higher level police officers left in Bangalore who could read this post and avoid looting of innocent public. Anyways people be careful with these traffic police GOONDAS.

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