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Police refused to file fir as they got bribed

Reported on June 06, 2017 from Bangalore , Karnataka  ι Report #164743

My name is ambika. And I stay in on Sunday 4 June 2017 a man came and abused me, hit me badly, and harrased me sexually .got wounds on my hands and pain in leg n back. I had called the police and went to hire an fir.
I waited from 1.30pm till 8 pm to hire fir in station. And finally police refused to file fir as the got bribed from the opposition party. And those people of the opposition man. Came and threatened me in Front of the police saying " take back the complaint or see the things will be different" in front of police and the police people smiles at it. I got strong and kept on insisting for an fir. Finnary they took the papers and filed said. " we will come and enquire go home. N sleep now" I came bacck as it was too late. And next day I got message of pitition case. So I called on the police phone no 096630 75368 and asked them why is the pitition filed instead of FIR? The man who recieved this call said "just wait wait " and went to sub inspector and says " that mental girl who came yesterday calling. What to answer this idiot".

Even when i got hit and got wounds not pains not abused and harrased sexually in public they r not ready to take any charge. I dunno what to do. I havent stepped of my home as I am afraid of my life. When they dare to threat me in front of police they will trouble outside too. Pls help me
I beg u all people. Pls

Place. Rajajinagar police station
Time. 1pm till 8 pm
Date 4 June 2017

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