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Passport: Police has submitted wrong documents as I was not Bribed him

Reported on December 21, 2016 from Nandyal , Andhra Pradesh  ι Report #141506

Name of the Officer: S. Hussain Enquiry Officer
Date of the incident: 30-September-2016
Time of the incident: 07:30 to 08:30
Location of the incident: Its not an office. The police asks the people to come Near to SaiBaba Temple,Nandyal. The officer wont ask money but the person who came for verification has to give 500 rupees otherwise the officer submits wrong documents.
Designation of the officer: Police Verification Passport Officer

I have submitted all the documents properly and asked the officer any problem in my documents.The officer said there is no problem in the documents(All documents are correct and proper) and then he asked me to write a letter to district SP officer which requires neighbours photo and signature.After completion of the above process I asked the officer whether my document verification process is completed.Officer said its completed you can go now.(I left without bribing). After the police submitted the documents I received a message saying that "Police has submitted Adverse report for your current Address". Initially I thought he has submitted all the documents properly but after 30 to 40 days I saw my verification status still as "Police verification is not clear. Application is under review at the regional passport office".
I was not bribed and when I called the officer, he said to wait till the notice comes and disconnected the call suddenly. Then I called again (said call me after receiving the notice - seriously) and I was requested saying passport emergency, he said to go to Hyderabad RPO office and take a token and stand in the queue again disconnected the call and I called again and he said to ask for apologize at the Hyderabad RPO officer for mentioning wrong address seeking your passport emergency.(I was given correct address that to Permanent Address only, he was submitted current address which indicates to come back to him for verification choosing wrong way to take bribe - Cheating)

To go to Hyderabad RPO and complete the verification again requires money (need to pay as fine which costs 500 to a student and 5000 to an Employee) and eventhough I have not done any mistake need to ask for apologize making me embarrassed.

Till today I have not received any notice.Please take action as One of my friend also suffered one and half year ago.That's how I understood the behavior of Police. Don't know whether the Hyderabad RPO officer accepts my document verification without notice. I tried calling helpline number but nobody is answering my call.

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