Passport verification: Shraddha Kishan Tripathi rescued from troublesome cop

Posted on May 12, 2016

Seventeen year old Shraddha Kishan Tripathi is a boy from Mirzapur currently preparing for IIT JEE in Varanasi. He was applying for a Passport and went to the Passport Kendra Seva in Mirzapur, Uttar Pradesh for the same last month this year. This boy who just completed his intermediate level went to a local police station in Kachwa Bazaar, Mirazapur. After his documents were verified, he was blatantly asked for a bribe of Rs.1,500 by a clerk.

Shraddha refused to pay the bribe and asserted that there were no charges payable for verification. “The policeman told me that he needed to cover fuel expenses with this money. When I was stern about not giving him the money, he felt a little embarrassed and dropped the matter at once,” he told I Paid A Bribe.

Since Shraddha did not pay up the demanded money, the unidentified clerk warned him that he will get his papers through to the higher official but cannot guarantee if it will be processed. Another issue that was brought out by the clerk was for Shraddha to produce proof of current address of residence. “I am a hostelite in Varanasi and I did not have any proof of staying there. It seemed like the staff was just looking for loopholes in my documents,” opined Shraddha. Further, Shraddha proceeded to the Superintendent of Police’s office and narrated his grievance.

At the Superintendent’s station, the staff were understanding towards Shraddha’s plight. Two unidentified clerks carried the verification process, asked Shraddha why he was applying a passport, what his plans were and thus built a good rapport with him. The verification was very smooth and Shraddha got his passport issued in just two weeks.

- By Aruna Krishnan